Why a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are medically trained professionals whom have expertise in managing problems of the foot and lower limb.


Service offered at Newcastle Podiatry Services include:

  • All foot pain : Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment
  • Diabetic Foot Care and Assessment
  • All General Foot Care
  • Referral for bulk-billed diagnostic radiography and ultrasound imaging where further investigation is required.
  • Visual Gait Analysis
  • Sports injuries including prescription custom made foot orthotics
  • Management and treatment of all foot pathology including ingrown toenails
  • All Children’s foot pain and concerns, including “growing pains” and “in-toeing” whilst walking

Podiatry Newcastle Runner

Diabetes Management


Foot care and health is especially important with Diabetes. It is very important for persons experiencing Diabetes Mellitus to visit a Podiatrist periodically for foot health screens and diabetic foot assessment, to ensure optimum foot health and to reduce the risk of complications developing, including amputation.


Adrian offers the following services:

  • Full diabetic assessment and management
  • Diabetic foot assessment and advice/education
  • Vascular Assessment utilising in-house Doppler Ultrasound and Photoplethysmography equipment and measurement of Systolic Toe Blood Pressures.

Photoplethysmography being undertaken on a patient, a painless test which shows the sufficiency of blood flow within the small arteries and blood vessels
Doppler Ultrasound
Doppler ultrasound assessment being undertaken on a patient in the Clinic, a painless test showing normal blood flow in the arteries