What are Orthotics?


We utilise the highest quality custom made orthotic devices, utilising CAD/CAM technology (Computer Aided Design) and manufacturing methods.


Orthotics are shoe inserts which are specifically moulded based on your foot imprint and clinical assessment. These comfortable, multiple styled and affordable inserts provide excellent biomechanical correction and comfort which support and improve the function of the foot. They are customised to you to ensure they are suitable for your type of foot.


Studies have shown that our feet and legs can affect as high up as our lumbar spine, so it’s worth getting a thorough assessment. Our Podiatrist, Adrian, uses a combination of high tech software, devices and clinical assessment to determine your cause of injury and the best way to solve it.

Newcastle Orthotics

Who wears Orthotics?


People of any age with a wide variety of lower leg or foot conditions wear orthotics. People are often prescribed orthotics by a practising Podiatrist to assist in the management of bio-mechanical problems and pain associated within the lower back or feet in general.

When are orthotics used?


Orthotic therapy directly assists in the rehabilitation of chronic foot, hip and back conditions including tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprains and stress fractures by providing consistent postural control.

What technology do we use?


When it comes to the assessment and diagnostics of providing orthotic therapy – Adrian utilises Gait Scan Pressure Plate Analysis – TOG GaitScan. This digital process, alongside comprehensive biomechanical knowledge, ensures a very accurate diagnostic and prescription process.

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