Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis

Podiatric biomechanics is the study of forces acting upon the human body, its structure and function, with a particular reference to the lower limb and foot. Standing and walking is achieved by the interplay of external forces such as footwear, orthotics and terrain acting on the foot and lower leg, in addition to internal forces acting across muscles and joints.


Mechanical injury occurs when adverse load acts upon the foot and/or leg by either internal or external forces creating tissue stress to a point of failure/pain. Mechanical injury is often complex and therefore a structured, holistic assessment is employed by Newcastle Podiatry Services. Our initial Biomechanical Assessment includes:


1. Thorough medical history

2. Examination of presenting complaint

3. Dynamic functional muscle and joint tests

4. Weightbearing foot posture and limb symmetry assessment

5. Gait analysis assessment

6. Referral for scans such as Ultrasound or X-Ray if indicated

7. Diagnosis and treatment plan



To assist in your assessment, we undertake Video Gait Analysis which enables the study of abnormal movements of muscles and joints dynamically. We use specialised gait and pressure platform computer software including TOG Gaitscan and Silicon Coach, to capture video and replay it in slow motion, measure angles and synchronise video clips side by side to analyse your individual gait pattern. You will be able to see how you walk or run, which helps to establish the mechanism of the sports injury, and where the load was adverse for the leg and foot. Additionally, our computerised pressure analysis system TOG Gaitscan provides valid information about the pressure underneath the barefoot whilst walking.